End Time Harvest Bible College–Ghana

September 28th, 2015

Storming the Gates Conference 2015

The students of End Time Harvest Bible College encountered the divine presence of the Holy Spirit during their annual Storming the Gates Conference held at both the Takoradi and Tarkwa campuses!  It was exciting to see God minister daily through His Word, as students received fresh insights from the Word and received a great impartation from the Lord!

This year, End Time Harvest Bible College was blessed to receive the Senior Pastor and the Administrative Pastor from Abundant Harvest Church in Pennsylvania.  Pastor Matt Zang Pastor Matt ministered on topics such as the Holy Spirit’s ministry to the believer, How to hear the voice of the Spirit, and the Anointing.  Pastor Ken ministered on how to be an effective supporting minister.



Pastor Matt Zang

Pastor Matt Zang


Pastor Ken Hoy

Pastor Ken Hoy

Ministration 1a

Friday morning, the missionary team along with the staff of ETHBC laid hands on the students where the students received an impartation of the anointing of God upon their lives!  


Student Testimonies

 “Oh, how God touched me on the last day of the conference!  I thank God I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that left an indelible and deep mark on my spirit.  I feel a fresh fire and love for the Holy Spirit and His Word!”  (Bright Whajah—2nd Year Diploma Student)

“I was really blessed with the second chair pastoral message ministered by Pastor Ken.  Not only do I feel rejuvenated in my ministry, but I really have a new mentality on how to serve your senior pastor from the second chair position.”(Emmanuel Atta-Mensah—Bachelors Degree Student)

“Indeed 2015 Storming the Gates Conference at ETHBC was awesome and I have learned how to serve under a Senior Pastor without implementing any new vision, but rather supporting him to build his vision.  The impact was very great and I look forward to next year’s conference.”  (Pastor Joseph Anderson—Alumni)

“…We need to depend on the Holy Spirit, for He is the one who stands by us!  Personally, my spiritual life is revived!” (Pastor Stella Yawson—Lecturer at ETHBC)

“…To me, the conference was a time of retreating from the normal schedule for re-instruction, refreshing and refurnishing for the task ahead as we journey through this life and ministry.”  (Pastor Festus Adjei-Mensah—Lecture at ETHBC)




























End Time Harvest Bible College, Ghana

April 13th, 2015

Look What the Students Are Saying!


Takoradi Campus

Bindu Sellu a

Bindu Sellu


Bindu Sellu is a first year student from the nation of Liberia.  She says, “My prayer life has greatly improved, and I am growing in faith!”







Emmanuel Sagoe

Emmanuel Sagoe


“From my diploma to degree, one of the things I have learned, is that no matter how deep you get in your walk with God, there is always more treasures hidden in God.  I am so privileged to be part of this college!”   Emmanuel Sagoe is a fourth year Bachelor Degree Student. 





  Tarkwa Campus


Elizabeth Achiaa a

Elizabeth Achiaa


Elizabeth Achiaa is a Full-Time Diploma Student at the Tarkwa Campus.  I always had a burden to preach, but did not know how.  Although I have only been in school for a short while, through this school I have learned how to evangelize and reach people for Jesus!




Samuel Obeng

Samuel Obeng

 Before enrolling in Bible College, my Bible knowledge was very low.  Since I have come to be a student at ETHBC, I have grown in knowledge, and I have seen growth in the area of personal Bible study, prayer, and my faith has grown immensely.  

 In addition, I have always been the shy type, but I can see that I am growing bolder, and as a result, I have been given more responsibilities in church, which has given me the confidence to do what I have been asked to do.    Samuel Obeng is a Part-Time Diploma student in the new Tarkwa Campus.

End Time Harvest Bible College in Ghana

March 9th, 2015

Shama Junction
Storming the Gates Crusade

End Time Harvest Bible College embarked on their first crusade for the year in a township named Shama Junction.

Shama Junction is situated 10 minutes away from the Bible College.  This township, specifically the area where the crusade was held, is a Muslim dominated area.


Altar Call - Salvation 2

Over 120 people received Christ with the evangelism outreaches and the 3-Night Crusade!

Students released under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to pray for the sick

Students released under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to pray for the sick

Woman healed of chest pains!

Woman healed of chest pains!


Woman testifies, “God has healed my leg and knee pain!”









Encouraged by the message, the Christians rose up in their divine authority declaring, “I am in charge!”  They proceeded to dance and symbolically tread over all the power of the enemy!

Response to the Message

A small group of Muslims came the first night and tried to interrupt the crusade.  But when the praise music started, all they could do is dance in praise of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Intercession was made for Shama Junction the final night of the crusade!  How awesome to see God’s people  “Storm the Gates!”

Crusade - 3rd Night - Intercession 1 - Copy



New Bible College in Ghana

February 10th, 2015

End Time Harvest Bible College
Dedicated and Opened!


ETHBC Tarkwa Campus (1)  New building houses four classrooms, offices, and dormitories        





Dedication of ETHBC Tarkwa Campus (1)Dedication prayers







Cutting of Tape (2)Ribbon cutting…it’s official!







It was late towards the end of the year 2013 when God directed us as a ministry to expand the influence of End Time Harvest Bible College to a new territory within the Western Region of Ghana.

We are excited, that after a long process to establish the new Campus located in the city of Tarkwa, the doors have been officially opened and have received our first “Pioneer” students.

We praise God for His faithfulness!

We want to thank each and every partner and church who helped make this vision a reality!


Introducing the Newest 

Flaming Arrows

Full-Time Diploma -- Takoradi

Full-Time Diploma — Takoradi

Part-Time Diploma -- Takoradi

Part-Time Diploma — Takoradi

Full-Time Diploma--Tarkwa

Full-Time Diploma–Tarkwa

Part-Time Diploma -- Tarkwa

Part-Time Diploma — Tarkwa

We also continue with a full class in both the  Full-Time and Part-Time accredited Bachelors Degree at the Takoradi site.






















































































End Time Harvest Bible College

December 22nd, 2014

      The Anthony Family
            Sends you
      Christmas Greetings


Aaron's Family 2014


            May you be
    especially blessed this
      Christmas Season!

 “To the saints who are also faithful in Christ Jesus,
Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”
Ephesians 1:1-2

    With these, or similar words, the Apostle Paul always begins his letters to the Church.  There is frequently a misunderstanding of the word, “saint.”  Many people believe a saint is one who lives a “holier than thou” life and is to be revered.  Because of this misunderstanding, my mother wanted to make sure her grandchildren understood that a saint is who has received Christ as Lord and Savior and has been, as the original language reveals, “set apart” unto God.  She read this verse aloud to some of her younger grandchildren, and then asked, “What is a saint?”

    Well, one of the youngest looked wide-eyed, wanting to make sure of a good answer for Grandma.  Recently, the child had been in a church with beautiful stained glass windows with the sun shining through.  She got this answer,  “A saint is one of those men the light shines through.”  Out of the mouths of babes…!!

    Jesus Himself declares we “are the light of the world.” He further tells us to “let that light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father, who is in heaven.” (Matthew. 5:14, 16)
    If we have received Jesus as Lord and Savior,  His light is to shine through us.  That doesn’t mean it will shine through in ostentatious piety, but rather in a quality of life that is radiant, shot through with integrity, motivated by tenderness and consideration for others.  It will shine through in the offices where we work, or upon contacts we have as we go about our daily lives.  It will pierce the darkness of the world around us and bring hope to a sighing, crying, dying world.

Let your light shine!
Who will you tell this Christmas Season about
 God’s Greatest Gift—the Light of the World?