End Time Harvest Bible College — Ghana

October 24th, 2017

Meet One of Our Students

Victor Soku


          Lionel Victor Soku is a third year student, pursing his Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies.  Lionel is a hard-working, humble young man, who has a true servant heart.  He is from the capital of Ghana, about 4 hours from the Bible College.  

            He has this to say, “Coming to this school is one of the best decisions I have made!  My level of understanding in relation to biblical principles and truths which are taught in this college have greatly impacted my life…”  “However, this would not have been possible for me if it had not been for one of the partners of End Time Harvest Ministries who has provided a scholarship for me to attend this college!  I want to thank all the partners of ETHM, for you have, indeed, helped so many to be equipped and serve the Lord where He has called us.

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End Time Harvest Bible College — Ghana

October 17th, 2017

100 Student Desks Shipped Off for Both Campuses!

          What a blessing we received from God!  He pointed us to 100 student desks at the total price of $15.75!  By the time they reach Ghana, the cost per desks will be $65.00.  Compare that with purchasing new desks that begin at $119.99!  Thank you Lord!  

Desks waiting to be delivered to shipper

          We took advantage of the fact we were shipping chairs to add other much-needed electronic equipment for the classrooms, as well as many books suitable for the library of our newest college campus. 

Desks waiting to be delivered to shipper

Desks waiting to be delivered to shipper.

Container 2Container 3

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End Time Harvest Bible College – Ghana

September 11th, 2017

Church Planting Crusade – Mptsin, Ghana

Altar Call 1

             End Time Harvest Bible College embarked on a Three day “Storming the Gates” Crusade in the township of Mptsim.  The main focus of this crusade was to partner alongside of Christian Faith Church to plant a church for them in this township.

             Mptsim is a township under extreme alcoholic bondage.  In addition, the spiritual condition of this township is not thriving.  God used this crusade to reach hundreds of people with the gospel!  Throughout the crusade and during the evangelical outreaches, over 60 men and women surrendered their lives to Christ, and were presented to the District Pastor of the Christian Faith Church to officially establish their church plant!

             God spoke to Rev. Dr. Aaron that there was a woman having stomach pains. This woman said she had an operation and since then, has been dealing with pain in her lower parts.  Woman healed 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         After receiving prayer, she started jumping up and down… and with tears falling from her eyes… she declared, “I’m  healed!”  Woman healed 2








Man delivered from alchohol

This man came forward for prayer in response to a word of knowledge that there was a man in the audience who was bound to alcohol.

After receiving Christ, he received prayer to be free from alcohol, and GOD DELIVERED him from his alcoholic bondage on the spot!  We have followed up on this man, and praise God!  He remains delivered!

You, too, can make an eternal difference in the lives of others.

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End Time Harvest Bible College – Ghana

July 17th, 2017

New Semester Begins

Meet Robert Lincoln Nyarko–2nd Year Diploma of Theology Student

Robert is one of our scholarship students, and writes this:     “I am so thankful for your kindness and financial assistance I have received this semester.  I really want to say thank you for this precious scholarship, as I feel overwhelmed that someone I do not even know would desire to assist me.

  End Time Harvest Bible College has been a great blessing in my life both academically and spiritually.  My thinking has been broadened and enlightened!  My prayer life has been boosted!  My insight in the Word of God has increased!  Therefore, may the blessing of the Lord bless you and may your cup never run dry!”  

Robert Lincoln Nyarko

                Robert Lincoln Nyarko

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There are so many others who are in need of a financial scholarship!


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End Time Harvest Bible College–Ghana

April 25th, 2017


Ekuasi Crusade

End Time Harvest Bible College held their first “Storming the Gates Crusade” of 2017 in the township of Ekuasi.  Throughout the evangelical outreach, over THREE HUNDRED souls were reached for Christ, and placed for discipleship into the various local churches that had joined ETHBC on this mission!

Jesus saves!

  Jesus saves!

Among the 330 new converts

 Among the 300 new converts

Jesus delivers from demonic oppression!

Jesus delivers from demonic oppression!


STATS since opening End Time Harvest Bible College in 2001:

611 graduates (Flaming Arrows)
277 Senior Pastors/Associate Pastors
108 Church plants
178 Leadership Positions in their church
16 On Foreign Mission Field
5 On our faculty


Many students need financial assistance.

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