End Time Harvest Bible College, Ghana

January 28th, 2016

Excerpts from the Valedictorian Speeches of  Each of our Four Programs

As you read these profound statements from our valedictorians, praise God for all He has poured into all our graduates during their time at End Time Harvest Bible College.  Be blessed as you read these, for our  partners have played a big part in making their academic education and ministerial training available and such a visible success.  

Elizabeth Owuyaw

Elizabeth Owuyaw

End Time Harvest Bible College is a  college with a unique motive—equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. Its location attests to what the school stands for.  It stands high atop a hill opposite a major junction. We graduates each reached a junction of questions about ministry and climbed this hill to seek answers from God….For me personally, End Time Harvest Bible College has redefined my Christian Life and answered my questions about how to go about the calling of God on my life. The school has given me a platform to standout as a Christian Mother for all in the Kingdom of Christ. The fire I caught from the hill here has made a tremendous impact on me and fueled my zeal for the dying world in this End Time.   Elizabeth Iyabo Owuyaw – Part Time Diploma Class of 2015

Charles Aikins

Charles Aikins


It is a statistic that over 200 ministers graduate from Bible colleges every year in Ghana.  End Time Harvest is graduating about 1/4th of these, which is notable proof of the respect the community holds for our fruit.  To my fellow graduates, I say, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.  Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing to bring Light to others?”  Fellow graduates, we must always be seen as bridge builders, a team of greater awakening and candidates for godly change in our communities.  Remember this…We may have all come from different ships, but we are in the same boat now.  Robert Akins – Part Time Degree Class of 2015

Martin Hanson

Martin Hanson

To the “Prophetic Class, “the 14 14 14 class, the Diploma class of 14 students graduating on the 14th of November in the 14th Graduation, I urge you to continue into the degree program to show yourselves approved unto God….To my fellow degree graduates, remember that you are a lit arrow, a fiery flaming arrow sent out into the dry world, to light the darkness and to reveal Christ to the dying world…The greater task ahead for each of us calls for diligence, determination and steadfastness.  Martin Hanson – Full Time Diploma Class of 2015


Prince Sagoe

Prince Sagoe

As you leave this school of spiritual influence and impact, let me take this one last opportunity to remind you and our loved ones who have come to grace this occasion, that we are living in the most adverse, difficult and evil days ever known in human history.  To we who are living in this present world and political conditions, I declare that whole-hearted trust in Jesus is the only important thing to each of us.  The fate of men at death depends on what man is prior to that day, The practical need is salvation from the conditions that will bring eternal condemnation.  No matter the status of a man or how free he is, if he does not have Jesus, he is a prisoner within.  Jesus Christ is the only solution God has graciously given to man, so that man will be saved from sin, its consequences and penalties.  
    I believe there is someone here watching today who needs Jesus in his or her life this very moment.  I want to assure you that He is ever ready to forgive you all of your sins and make you clean.  To you fellow believers in the Lord, the times we are in calls for vigilance and alertness, because the devil is roaring like a lion seeking whom to devour.  It is my prayer that you will be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  Faithful is He that has called you…Never give up, because God will never give up on you.  Emmanuel Praise Sagoe – Full Time Degree Class of 2015

A Note from Mary Anthony, Co-Founder of End Time Harvest Bible College
    For fourteen years Mal and I have been blessed to listen to valedictorian speeches at ETHBC.  For fourteen years, we have rejoiced and praised God for His outpouring upon our students.  But…the sign of the times is poignantly evident in each of the speeches of these four graduates this year.  I ask you to re-read them.  How did they affect you as you read them?  How can you apply what they said that graduation day to yourself today?  
    We praise God and thank our partners that have short forth 575 flaming arrows spreading the gospel in Ghana and in 11 nations beyond.  During the past 15 years their ministry has resulted in over 36,000 being led to a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and placed in local churches for discipleship.

If you would like to become a partner, click on the Donate Now button at the top of the page.  Your donation will make eternal differences in the lives of people.












End Time Harvest Bible College, Ghana

December 22nd, 2015

The Anthony Family
Sends you
Christmas Greetings


Aaron's Family 2014 r

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May you be
 especially blessed this
Christmas Season!


“And the Word became flesh and
dwelt among us…”
(John 1:14)

      Someone asked a little boy whose father was deployed what he would like for Christmas.  The boy looked at the picture of his father framed on the mantle and said, “I want my father to step out of that frame.”

      Isn’t that exactly what God did?  God stepped over the threshold of eternity in the person of His Son, Jesus, and He “became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.”  

    Jesus is the answer to the void in every human heart.   He is the answer for the heart longing to be loved.  He is the answer for the hopeless in the dark of the night.  He is the answer to the heart crying for a father to be next to him.  He is the answer for the sin in our heart to be cleansed that we might live with Him forever.  

    The angels sang at His birth, proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will among men.”   

    Those who receive Jesus as personal Lord and Savior receive this pronouncement of the peace of God in their hearts—and with peace comes joy, and with joy comes forth a song of melodious praise to God.

    Because of Jesus, we can join the angelic choir and sing, “Glory to God in the highest.”     Atheiests  can sing no such song, for to them, God does not exist.  Buddhists can offer no inspiring anthems or soul-felt hallelujahs among their incessant chants, for their gods have no ears to hear.  Muslims have only dreary dirges that reveal no glad hope for the present or future  to them.  

    Oh how the world needs Jesus.  Christ alone is the transcendent gift of love from the Father to the world.  What better gift can you give anyone this Christmas Season than to tell them how to receive  God’s Greatest Gift?  













End Time Harvest Bible College–Ghana

December 14th, 2015

Celebrating our 14th Graduation


As the night dissipated, a new day approached… a day charged with excitement and joy, where the smiles on the faces of our graduates were as glorious as the sun beaming down upon those in attendance.

The 14th graduation was an awesome day, where nearly 2,000 people came to witness as our 43 graduates earned their diplomas and degrees.

As the ceremony progressed, I sat back in amazement to what the Lord has done in and through each of our graduates.  Each of them coming from different backgrounds and various walks of life, but all coming together to receive their diplomas, degrees, and others awards.  I sat back taking in where the students began some two years prior, others three years, and for those completing the Bachelor’s program, four and six years!  What an accomplishment!  What determination to persevere through their courses of study!

I believe, as I addressed the graduates during my charge, that they will go forth from End Time Harvest Bible College as “Flaming Arrows,” and they they are to turn the world “right side up!”  

Meet Our Newest Flaming Arrows

Full-Time Bachelor's Degree

Full-Time Bachelor’s Degree

Full-Time Two-Year Diploma

Full-Time Two-Year Diploma

Part-Time Bachelor's Degree

Part-Time Bachelor’s Degree

Part-Time Diploma

Part-Time Diploma







End Time Harvest Bible College–Ghana

September 28th, 2015

Storming the Gates Conference 2015

The students of End Time Harvest Bible College encountered the divine presence of the Holy Spirit during their annual Storming the Gates Conference held at both the Takoradi and Tarkwa campuses!  It was exciting to see God minister daily through His Word, as students received fresh insights from the Word and received a great impartation from the Lord!

This year, End Time Harvest Bible College was blessed to receive the Senior Pastor and the Administrative Pastor from Abundant Harvest Church in Pennsylvania.  Pastor Matt Zang Pastor Matt ministered on topics such as the Holy Spirit’s ministry to the believer, How to hear the voice of the Spirit, and the Anointing.  Pastor Ken ministered on how to be an effective supporting minister.



Pastor Matt Zang

Pastor Matt Zang


Pastor Ken Hoy

Pastor Ken Hoy

Ministration 1a

Friday morning, the missionary team along with the staff of ETHBC laid hands on the students where the students received an impartation of the anointing of God upon their lives!  


Student Testimonies

 “Oh, how God touched me on the last day of the conference!  I thank God I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that left an indelible and deep mark on my spirit.  I feel a fresh fire and love for the Holy Spirit and His Word!”  (Bright Whajah—2nd Year Diploma Student)

“I was really blessed with the second chair pastoral message ministered by Pastor Ken.  Not only do I feel rejuvenated in my ministry, but I really have a new mentality on how to serve your senior pastor from the second chair position.”(Emmanuel Atta-Mensah—Bachelors Degree Student)

“Indeed 2015 Storming the Gates Conference at ETHBC was awesome and I have learned how to serve under a Senior Pastor without implementing any new vision, but rather supporting him to build his vision.  The impact was very great and I look forward to next year’s conference.”  (Pastor Joseph Anderson—Alumni)

“…We need to depend on the Holy Spirit, for He is the one who stands by us!  Personally, my spiritual life is revived!” (Pastor Stella Yawson—Lecturer at ETHBC)

“…To me, the conference was a time of retreating from the normal schedule for re-instruction, refreshing and refurnishing for the task ahead as we journey through this life and ministry.”  (Pastor Festus Adjei-Mensah—Lecture at ETHBC)




























End Time Harvest Bible College, Ghana

April 13th, 2015

Look What the Students Are Saying!


Takoradi Campus

Bindu Sellu a

Bindu Sellu


Bindu Sellu is a first year student from the nation of Liberia.  She says, “My prayer life has greatly improved, and I am growing in faith!”







Emmanuel Sagoe

Emmanuel Sagoe


“From my diploma to degree, one of the things I have learned, is that no matter how deep you get in your walk with God, there is always more treasures hidden in God.  I am so privileged to be part of this college!”   Emmanuel Sagoe is a fourth year Bachelor Degree Student. 





  Tarkwa Campus


Elizabeth Achiaa a

Elizabeth Achiaa


Elizabeth Achiaa is a Full-Time Diploma Student at the Tarkwa Campus.  I always had a burden to preach, but did not know how.  Although I have only been in school for a short while, through this school I have learned how to evangelize and reach people for Jesus!




Samuel Obeng

Samuel Obeng

 Before enrolling in Bible College, my Bible knowledge was very low.  Since I have come to be a student at ETHBC, I have grown in knowledge, and I have seen growth in the area of personal Bible study, prayer, and my faith has grown immensely.  

 In addition, I have always been the shy type, but I can see that I am growing bolder, and as a result, I have been given more responsibilities in church, which has given me the confidence to do what I have been asked to do.    Samuel Obeng is a Part-Time Diploma student in the new Tarkwa Campus.