End Time Harvest Bible College, Ghana

May 23rd, 2018

Mission to Ghana!
This past March, End Time Harvest Ministries hosted a team from the USA, and it was a tremendous blessing to everyone that was ministered to!

Nearly 200 children were ministered to as the team spoke at two elementary schools, and a two-day event for a local Sunday School in Takoradi.

 Songs were sung!

        The Gospel was   

shown with pictures


       Crafts created


        Bubbles blown

for the first time!


Outreach to
Sekondi Female Prison

During the mission’s trip, the women of the team had the honor to visit the female prison.

Each lady who had been incarcerated each received a single rose.

Before the service was over, prayer was offered to the women… Many stood up to be prayed for. You could sense the Holy Spirit moving among the women. Many of the women were weeping as they were being prayed for. Many also prayed with the team to receive Jesus Christ into their lives.

Following a luncheon, each lady was given a gift bag containing personal items they would need while being in prison, and most of all, each woman received love.


Eshiem Crusade

During the mission trip, the team joined End Time Harvest Bible College’s “Storming the Gates” Crusade!  In addition to the crusade, throughout the weeks of evangelism in this village, over 100 souls were won to Jesus Christ!


This crusade was also special as the team members ministered to the children that came to the crusade. What began with approximately 100 children the first night grew to nearly 300 by Friday night! These children were impacted not only with the gospel, but were able to do coloring crafts which many have NEVER done before!

Salvation message — gospel bead bracelet,


 and the Gospel presented in pictures!


Crafts followed the Bible account

And they were delighted with seeing and blowing bubbles for the first time!


Jesus Heals!

Following the altar call, prayer is offered for those who would like to be prayed with.

This woman had pain whenever she walked. After prayer, she was completely healed by the power of Jesus!

This man’s hand and arm were injured. As a result, he was unable to lift his hand up by himself.  After receiving prayer, he demonstrated that he was completely healed!!! 

Thank you Ghana Team 2018 for joining us!



April 4th, 2018

“Storming the Gates” Crusade at Aboadze


Sin separates from God.  Jesus Saves!

Below are a few of the 150 who

gave their lives to Christ

during the three nights of the crusade.


Jesus Heals!

This man was unable to see what was even right in front him…

After receiving prayer, he could CLEARLY see Pastor Aaron moving around, and counting each finger he held out to him.


Below, he testifies to the goodness of God!


Jesus Delivers from Demonic Powers!

This woman was delivered from  demonic powers,

as ETHBC students were ministering

at the crusade.


Praise God for His goodness and mercy!


































End Time Harvest Bible College–Ghana

March 1st, 2018


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MARCH 10-23

Souls won for the Lord
Children’s live be transformed
Women’s Prison Impact
Supernatural power of God be released


End Time Harvest Bible College — Ghana

February 20th, 2018

Pastor Jerry, is the leader appointed by

Christian Faith Church,

to lead the church that End Time Harvest Bible College recently helped plant in their last crusade.

Since the church was established, Pastor Jerry testifies the membership has grown by 50%!

Pastor Jerry shared a little about a few of the members…

He has seen many who had drifted away from Christ be restored in their relationship and walk with Christ!

Members testify to the manner in which God’s presence is manifested each Sunday.

Specifically, Pastor Jerry spoke how Sister Juliet was jobless,

but now through prayer, she has obtained employment!




MARCH 10-23

Souls won for the Lord
Children’s live be transformed
Women’s Prison Impact
Supernatural power of God be released
























End Time Harvest Bible College — Ghana

February 9th, 2018

The New Academic Year Has Begun!


Pictured above and below are a few of the students being trained this year at

End Time Harvest Bible College!

Thus far… 193 prospective FLAMING ARROWS are being trained and equipped in the

Takoradi and Tarkwa Campuses!!


Psalms 127:1a
“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it:”

My dear partners and friends…

In 2018, together, we are going to
continue to build:
Completing the building project which will enable more students to be equipped

Equipping the next generation of pastors, church leaders and workers

Expand God’s Kingdom through intensified outreach ministries.

TOGETHER, we shall continue to march forward and

invade enemy-held territory,

as these men and women are trained and released into this world,

preaching the gospel of salvation to a world that desperately needs Christ…

bringing the supernatural power of God

that heals and delivers to a world

that is bound by demonic oppression, pain and suffering.


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